The integration to Templafy allows Documents to be generated and inserted into Word documents as images or PowerPoint presentations as images or slides.

Setup the integration in Templafy

An administrator will need to set the integration in Templafy. Integrations are set up on the screen below.

Select the Custom Content Connector.

Choose the custom content connector and populate as follows.

Display Name: Enter the name you want to display in the Templafy admin view of installed integrations

Base URL: https://v2.pitchly.net

Asset Type: Select Images or Slide Elements from the drop down

Name: Enter the name you would like to display on the content tab in Templafy. In this example the name is 0Auth v2. This can be anything that makes sense for your use case.

If needed, add additional asset types. The Slide Elements asset renders editable content from your Pitchly account and is compatible with PowerPoint. The Images asset renders non-editable images that can be inserted in shapes/placeholders and is compatible with PowerPoint and Word.


Type: Select 0Auth 2 Authorization Code from the dropdown

Client ID: WWTekHhoex5ffz868

Client Secret: Submit this form to request the secret

Authorize Endpoint: https://v2.pitchly.net/oauth/authorize

Token Endpoint: https://v2.pitchly.net/api/oauth/access_token

Scopes: readData

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