Welcome to Pitchly!

Pitchy is the data-centric union that brings the data from your firm’s disparate applications into one place, to use and reuse in any way your firm needs.

What is Pitchly?

Pitchly’s user-friendly interface gives you the power to import Excel files, sync with your data warehouse, or connect to other applications via API or Zapier, making it a flexible solution to get your work done more efficiently. Whether your content is tucked away in an on-premise database, spreadsheets, documents or presentations, Pitchly creates one source of truth for your teams to search, filter and segment data in seconds.

How does Pitchly work?

Our Slides, Docs and Templates Applications create branded proposals and pitches for Word and PowerPoint​​ and maintain a library of self-service tombstones, representation lists, practice overviews, and attorney biographies generated from your experience.

Forms Application

Make it easy for attorneys and marketing teams to collect their experience with the Forms Application. Attorneys can receive and submit their experience for the database, as well as easily request marketing and business development resources. Team members are notified of new form submissions to review, edit, and approve before submission to the database.

Slides Application

Docs Application

Templates Application

Content Management System (CMS)

Using Pitchly Web Publish, display attorney biographies, tombstones, and deal and representation lists. It will automatically push content to your website or intranet the moment it is created.

How to get started with Pitchly

Pitchly implementation is quick and iterative. Allow our team to provide industry-specific guidance to grow engagement and give you a strong return on investment. Continue to find long-term success for your firm by partnering with our experts to design a solution to match your growth.

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