On-Brand, Real-Time Data-Infused Documents at Your Fingertips

Using Pitchly’s Documents app, you can generate branded documents on the fly with the most current data and digital assets. Built on the Pitchly platform to normalize and structure your business data.

Upload and Connect Data Sources to Generate Documents

Get better use of your company IP. Make strategic decisions, data-infused PowerPoint slides, marketing materials, reports, or any business function powered by your data.

In the template builder, you can use a custom table to generate fields into a live document. Couple that with referenced fields and now you have access to fields in other tables too! It’s exactly what makes Pitchly such a powerful tool.

Document Templates Merge Data & Assets

Build a template or use one of ours to generate branded documents. Whether it’s marketing collateral, sales proposals, or HR documents, you can ensure your documents maintain brand standards and the most current, up-to-date information for export to Microsoft™ PowerPoint.

Users must be granted Design permission in order to access the template designer.

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